Lumni Relations Powerpoint Presentation.

Alumni Relations: Alumni are a key audience for colleges/universities. Overall, Id like you to describe the role and importance of alumni relations to a university and how it serves a PR function. Start by defining Alumni, alumna, and alumnaeand describing the duties an alumni relations department performs. In relating alumni relations to PR, look for terms, concepts, processes mentioned in the text that are applied in alumni relations work. After youve provided general information on the above, you could illustrate it all with examples of how our alumni relations office (at University of Florida) works, which means youll need to interview someone from that office (maybe an assistant director if the director is unavailable). An effective frame that often works well is describing A day in the life of an alumni director,etc.

Your assignment is to design and present a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation for the class on a topic.

” Attractive, well-designed, and well-organized slides that conform to standard electronic presentation guidelines. Photos and other graphics are encouraged as long as you conform to accepted guidelines. Please proofread your work carefully. books, trade/news publications, and interviews with PR professionals. You must conduct at least one interview.

Evaluation criteria:
” Quality of research
” Depth and breadth of content
” Organization/flow/clarity of thought
” Following assignment and topic instructions, including provided PowerPoint tips.
” Style (clear citation of sources) & mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation)

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