Lways on(Chapter 8)from Alone Together:Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle

I. Introductory paragraph: State the authors thesis and your position. Outline the overrall structure of your paper.
II. Summary of the Essay:Do not include any opinions. summary should be several paragraphs, one to two pages. Be accurate.
III.Critical evaluation of the position adopted in the essay: state your evaluation. Given your opinion and support it up with reasons. Identify Turkles thesis, then state that her reasons for her position are convincing or not? Focusing on at least two or three criticsms/responses and develop them in depth. relate to Your Own Personal Experience. You might disagree some part of Turkles opinions. 3 pages.
IV. Concluding paragraph: Briefly summary and state the argument posed in the essay.

PS:NO Sentence fragment or Run-on sentences.