Lying through turbulence: Advanced Financial Reporting & Analysis of Financial Satements

Carry out an analysis of the 2008/2009 annual report and financial statements of British Airways plc, through the use of company and industry intelligence and the application of ratio analysis to its financial accounts.

Your analysis should include:

a) Ratio analysis of the current year and comparative figures (e.g. Airline industry standard figures, competitor figure such as Virgin Atlantic/Lfthansa). The meaning of the ratios calculated should be explained, and reasons for and implications of their movement should be discussed. This analysis must be set clearly in the context of the company s strategy,  & firmly establish British Airways as a high performing, market-focused, global premium airline

b) A review of articles and statements published in the media relating to both the company, its future plans, and the industry in which it operates, in order to help you explain movements in the company s ratios and contextualise performance.

c) Critically discuss the limitations of the appraisal you have performed above, with specific reference to supporting the company s corporate strategy aims, highlighting briefly any other information that would assist in your evaluation of the performance of the company.

The assignment should be presented in the form of an individual word-processed report addressed to the Chairman and Board of Directors of British Airways, in no more than 2,000 words, referenced in accordance with the Harvard system. Appropriate ratio calculations should be included as an appendix, and will not form part of the word limit.
-British Airways 2008/09 Annual Report
-The Financial Times
-Various newspapers