Lzheimeras disease in later adulthood


This paper is about the development of Alzheimeras Disease in adulthood and how it
effects the brain. just keep in mind that at we donat know what causes it AND there are many different memory systems so you would need to pick one or two to discuss.
So this is a review paper. So what you need to do is go into the literature and gather relevant papers to your topic, you then integrate the findings and present them in your paper. So you would start with an introduction to you topic, lay out what you found in the body of the paper, including any controversies you may find and the summarize what you found and draw conclusions. It needs to be in APA style.
1.Abstract: a brief summary of the paper
2. Introduction: The body of the paper begins with an introduction of the material and describes the specific topic to be discussed, the period of adulthood you are studying, and the importance of the topic. Since the introduction is clearly identified by its position in the paper, it is not labelled. Rather, the title of the paper precedes the introductory sentence.
Make sure that clear statement of purpose and goals of paper; overview of structural plan, relevance of topic to the area of adult development, period of development clearly stated.
3. In-Text Citations: You must provide in-text citations for all outside material that you make reference to in your paper.
4. Your paper must be on a topic related to the psychology of adult development
5. References: Adequate reference to psychological research and theory related to the topic; use of original articles from scientific journals (a minimum of 6). Use of current references (e.g., the last 5 to 10 years). I added 11 refrences as a random number, please use as many as you can. Minimum 10.
6. Summary and conclusion: Summarizes in a paragraph or two the major points of the essay; draws conclusions based on the material presented.

let me know if you need more clarification.