Lzheimers among elderly in Coatsville Pennsylvania”

This particular assigment is a group work and I am responsible for the two parts. First part is the Backdrop of the Community. The second part is Analysis of the Communitys Social System
Each parts should be four pages with four refrences. Meaning you will write four pages for the first part and then you will provide 4 refrences at the end. The same thing with the second part. You will write 4 pages and then you will provide 4 refrences at the end. Now I will copy and paste the directions.

Backdrop of the Community

Defining Boundaries: Boundaries of the community such as city limits or county lines should be defined. Boundaries should serve to delimit discrete sections of the community.
Geographic Identifiers: These include climate, surface features, and location.

Climate: climatic conditions that may affect the health of the community.
Surface Features: Include terrain, agricultural potential, and natural resources of the area.
Location: reveals proximity to metropolitan areas (if rural) and relationship to surrounding communities.
Business and Commerce: Business and commerce are described through the study of agriculture, industry, and transportation in the community.

Analysis of the Communitys Social System
Social and Political Structure: This information includes description of the local government structure, educational systems, community religious practices, and social climate Descriptors of the social assistance system existing in the community. Does the community have welfare programs, Medicare and Medicaid programs?