M I a good match for my current nursing position?

The following is the instructions for the paper. I will forward the results from survey I took.
Step 3 a Review your findings and write a short paper

Review the findings of your StrengthsQuest exercise. How do your supervisoras ideals compare to the skills that you personally possess? Do you believe that your skills are a good match with your current position? Write a short paper (2-3 pages) summarizing this interview and your findings.In addition to introductory and concluding paragraphs, your paper will include these three paragraphs, each with a separate heading:

Summary of StrengthsQuest Findings a This section will summarize the results of your StrengthsQuest activity. If you quote the web page word-for-word, be sure to enclose the words in quotation marks and cite with the name of the web page, the year, and the paragraph number where you obtained the information. The StrengthsQuest web page will appear on your reference list.
Supervisoras View of an Effective Leader a Here you will summarize your interview with your supervisor and include those characteristics that your supervisor believes are important for a true leader to possess.
Comparison of Supervisoras Values and StrengthsQuest Findings a In this paragraph, you will perform a comparison between your supervisoras view of an effective leader and those things that you learned in your StrengthsQuest exercise. Then you will determine, based on this information, if you believe that you are a good match for your current job.

This is an APA format paper which will include a title page and a reference page (which will list the StrengthsQuest web site as a source).