Macro theory of Current Topics) Sub-prime mortgage crisis and the East Asia

Topic: How financial crisis, triggered from the U.S sub-prime mortgage crisis, affected the East Asian economy? And how would it be the future of the East Asia Economy in the future. (Focus more on China, Japan, and S.Korea)

Theme : Like some European countries are struggling with economic difficulties now, there are some possibilities of economic or financial crisis in the East Asian countries in the future.

Introduction: It should consist of current European economic difficulties. I think it started from the U.S. financial crisis. East Asia might be the third place of economic or financial crisis after Sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2007.

Body :
Each body should consist of current economic conditions of East Asia countries in terms of the financial statistics.
Ex) Korea have a lot of private and public debts. Japan had a terrible natural disaster that destroyed a lot of economic infrastructure, and many Japanese companies are faced to bankruptcy due to huge deficits. China has trouble with U.S. because of currency revaluation.
There should be the expectation of East Asia economy in the future based on the statistical research.
Ex) Statistical data from IMF, WTO, UN, and other national or federal statistic sites
Suggest some good solution for preventing the financial or economic crisis in East Asia.
Ex) Currency swap between East Asian countries or FTA with other nations in order to increase currency liquidity and settle a safety net in the East Asia.

Conclusion: Point out the important thing from the research

Writing Tips:
Since this is an economic research paper, it is very important to use accurate and trustful economic data.
Indeed, it would be great if many citations are from the journal, essays, or the other research papers which are written by famous economist or professors.