Macroeconomics) A company that did well during the recession. For example (Ferrari).

my teacher is looking for about a 3 page paper that talks about a company that did well during the recession in 2008 and in 2009. Im picked Ferrari. This paper would include the companys finances as to how well they did and how much they made. To start maybe a brief summary on the history of the company, followed by its competitors worldwide, and what other products this company might make and also what other brands or makes and models (Ferrari) might be affiliated with.

Setup: (Cover page, Introduction, discussion, conclusion, and reference page) All work cited.

I am going to upload a 3 page format of what my teacher is looking for, in the uploaded attachment he basically covers everything so that there is no confusion or much questioning. The students can pretty much have fun with the paper, pick and choose from this format and talk about as much as they want as long as its related to this subject.

Thank You.