Mail Regarding Cell Phone Use While Driving

Email Assignment: Should Sales Reps Use Company Cell Phones While Driving?
The Situation
You saw an article recently that sent chills down your spine. A stockbroker for Smith Barney was making cold calls on his cell phone while driving. His car hit and killed a motorcyclist. The brokerage firm was sued and accused of contributing to an accident by encouraging employees to use cell phones while driving. To avoid the risk of paying huge damages awarded by an emotional jury, the brokerage firm offered the victimas family a $500,000 settlement.
As operations manager of Daanza, a hair care and skin products company, you begin to worry. Daanza has already provided its 75 sales representatives with cell phones to help them keep in touch with home base while they are in the field. Daanza has no existing policy concerning use of cell phones while driving and has never discussed the topic with its sales reps.
1. Should Daanza sales reps be allowed to use company-provided cell phones while driving?
2. What, if any, are the Texas state laws concerning cell phone use while driving?
3. What if the employee is driving out of state?
4. What, if anything, can/should/will Daanza do to both protect its employees and enable business to be done on the road?
Your Task
As operations manager, you have the authority to create a new policy concerning cell phone use while driving. Write an email to all Daanza sales reps that communicates your thinking/policy on this issue. You must answer each of the above 4 questions in your email. You must provide both an in-text and full APA citation of the source you use to answer question #2.
75 points for assignment