Mail to Elaine for a letter of recommendation

What a pleasure to have met you last night at Casimir! you are two beautiful woman with a beautiful energy that I adore , this same energy that I have felt Fieldston visiting the campus, I am convinced that this school will be the perfect fit for Tohsca did so to bring even more luck in our rating I contacted my friend Stephanie Gottlieb Giauffret asking her to write us a letter of recommendation that she will do with great pleasure and to add even more luck Ill accept your offer to have you write one as well without much disturb you I hope! So let me talk to you about our back ground Patrick and I are French, him to eastern of France Metz and myself Cannes in the south, Patrick has a background in law and was always an entrepreneur in the states since its arrival in essentially in restaurant ( food) industry. Myself I graduate from lecole superieur de journalism training in Paris, specialized in the Contempory Art. Since my arrival in 2001 I have been in the restaurant industry as well as Fashion for all these projects I had to travel a lot in our other adopted country Brazil . Where we still involve socially with different community to help increasing quality of life and education in the Favelas (slums)
I sold my business in 2013 but we still go to brazil once a year for community work. Today Im focusing on a draft fitness Method and Branding.
Our beautiful Tohsca is born July 29, 2001 in New York
My daughter Tohsca can aptly be described by the phrase a true citizen of the world Born in New York to French parents, she spent most of her school holidays in her adopted country of Brazil. Early on, she became fluent in French, Portuguese and English. However, she has the impressive ability of never mixing them up. Tohsca is able to brilliantly juggle not only three languagues but also three cultures as a result of her deep understanding of their every nuance.
Multilingualism provides an added edge to Tohsca. The trips to Brazil allowed Tohsca to become aware of the misfortunes of social inequality and even as a young child, she often went out of her way to try and help people in trouble. Today she continues with this engagement and is involved in helping different communities.
Tohsca is very generous and her natural charisma that causes her to be a leader when she is among her friends. Her social skills and loyalty to those she loves has allowed her to gain everyones respect.. She and her friends would do anything for each other. Not only does Tohsca maintain a good relationship with her friends, she also does the same with all her teachers.
Music is another language that has for long been a part of Tohscas life. and her interest in music has seen her learn how to play the piano and sing. She also writes songs and uses this as an avenue through which she can be able to express some of the more complicated emotions that are common with children her age. To help her in pursing her passion, Tohsca is currently taking music production and disk jockeying (DJ) classes.
Tohsca has impressive athletic qualities and abilities. She is a strong tennis player and very good sprinter. She also plays the position of a striker in her LFNY middle school team. Her love for sports has seen her excel in a number of junior sports leagues and she is considered by her team mates to be a true pillar, as she is always ready to listen and encourage them. Tohsca is capable of going the extra mile and rallying her team to victory; the value of this attribute is increasingly becoming more recognizable in her studies as she is able to achieve good grades through her hard work. She loves studying by herself as well as in a group and her preferred core subjects are project science, history, geography and English.
Tohsca is a true surfer and is in live with nature. One of my fondest memory of her is that she loves swimming with boto dolphins in the Amazon river and looks very happy and at ease while doing this. With her love for nature, I suspect that she would be just as easy and happy if she were to swim with crocodiles.
In conclusion, I believe that studying at your school will be of great aid in helping provide an appropriate framework that will guide Tohsca in her development. As highlighted in this statement, my daughter possesses notable academic abilities which have been appropriately balanced by her impressive athletic abilities that will make her a positive addition to your school community.