Make the Impossible Possible  The TV Program Strictly Come Dancing in the UK and China

Practical work will be evaluated according to the degree that it:

1.effectively manipulates sound, image and/or written words in order to convey, question, or analyse relevant features of media and cultural texts, practices or events;

2.shows a development of competence in operational aspects of the chosen media production technologies, techniques and practices;

3. demonstrates understanding of media forms, structures and audiences;

4.was informed by relevant theoretical issues and analysis;

5.shows productive management of time and resources;

6.experiments as appropriate, with forms, conventions, languages, techniques and practices;

7.draws upon ideas from different sources of knowledge and academic disciplines;

8.uses relevant technical or media-specific concepts and theories.


The main material on my research comes from the official websites, and news and comments on the show from newspapers, TV, radio, magazines and the internet (bloggers).

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