Management for Community and Social Services (Financial Analysis of Not for Profits)

I have had 4 papers done by you guys. I have received 3 Cs and 1 B. If I do not get at least a high B this will be my last project with you..

Missing content and flow have been major issues. Please make sure all questions are answered thoroughly and show math processes to come up with ratios equations etc. I get partial credit for correct equations and or thinking even if numbers are incorrect (Which I know wont happen)…

Use editorial and referencing styles as specified in the APA Publication Manual 6th Edition

I expect to have well thought out answers.

Assignment, Syllabus, (Required text in Syllabus), and any further instructions will be attached in personalized order tracking area.

Oh and Steve in Chat was less than helpful. I had a discount code that was in-operable and he would not fix it. It was for 22% and received in the e-mail yesterday and said its good for a day.