Managing Business Operations) Business report a?Zara: Staying Fast and Fresha?

Business report to CEO on the set questions stated in the brief.

Coursework Case Study: ZARA: Staying Fast and Fresh.

a?Zara, the flagship brand of the Spanish retail conglomerate Inditex, is one of the leading retailers of fast-fashion, churning out frequent in-season assortment changes of knockoffs of popular runway styles and trendy fashions. The company has received a lot of attention for its centralized distribution model.

In the past 10 years Inditex, and more specifically Zara, has been studied by MBA students, the world over, to understand its success in distribution and supply chain efficiency. Numerous cases have been written to better understand Zaras operations, marketing, information systems, and overall strategy, but most authors alike questioned Zaras long-term sustainability. Nevertheless, Zaras net sales reached 8,088 million Euros in 2010, representing an increase of 14% over the previous year and right in line with the average growth it had shown over the last decade.

The Zara way proved itself resilient even through an adverse economic scenario and the company sustained ten years of organic growth, but can it do it again?

Zara is definitely a success story in the apparel world comparable to Toyota in the automobile industry and big part of the success is due to its operations. Though several cases had been written about Zara, they were either old or didnt have an operations management focus. Moreover, I had been collaborating with Zara for six years so I had a very deep understanding of the company from the inside. My dissertation was motivated by Zaras operations, in particular the companys ability to change the product assortment dynamically during the selling seasona

Case details

Felipe Caro, ZARA: Staying Fast and Fresh, is Associate Professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management

Coursework assessment case study a

a?Zara: Staying Fast and Fresha? Caro, F (2013)

Your brief [You can assume that Zaraas strategy is to grow its business]

The assignment will be presented as a written report by the consultant (hence you) for Senior Management at Zara.

1. How should Zaraas operation strategy support its expansion strategy?

2. Critically evaluate the operations management issues apparent in Zara, and identify any operations management challenges presented by its expansion strategy

3. What effect would manufacturing in China have on Zaraas record for sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility?

4. How might the opening of a major warehouse outside Spain affect Zaras successful localised manufacture and distribution model?

Assessment requirements in detail

The coursework will be assessed using the following criteria:

The weighting of each is given on the feedback sheet.

i?± The degree to which the student has understood the given requirements, and provided a comprehensive answer to each.

i?± The use of theoretical models and course concepts to underpin the answers

i?± The use of references and quotations to add to the academic rigour and demonstrate wider reading.

i?± Presentation, in terms of structure, logical flow of argument and producing a report of a professional business appearance.