Managing Stratgic Change) Environment Analysis of …………….

1500 Words target I specified above 2500 for the appendices which will be the frameworks.

Chose a Registered European airline, Not BA or long hall transatlantic airlines. Suggestions Easyjet, Ryanair, Ibera

Start with a brief overview of the market section and the organization being analysed.

Then a discussion and argument on summaries of the main issues identified by analysis tools/frameworks. Ie (PESTEL, five forces and a Stakeholder Analysis)

Before each framework a brief outline of its purpose, the concept on which it is based with a reference to the appropriate text book or recognized source.

Leading to

An outline of the environment the business is operating in and the most important factors it will need to consider for its future corporate strategy.

Concise Conclusion which summaries the key points of the argument and its findings.
Harvard Referencing system

Lynch, R. (2006) Corporate Strategy (4th Edition), Harlow (UK): FT Prentice Hall

Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (2005) Exploring Corporate Strategy Texts and Cases (7th Edition), Harlow UK