Marketing Analysis) MEXICOTourism Report

Hi, this is Ken who really needs your help today.

I am taking the hospitality course at school, and I got an assignment which is the Country Tourism Report.

For this assignment, You should design and develope a marketing strategy for a destination of your choice (Mexico). It means that you should make your tourist(consmer) to visit your country (Mexico).

You need to look at following:

1. Making a Destination(For Mexico) planning, development, goals and objectives of the countryas tourism branch (DMO). (showing the mission statement)

2. Researching the pillars of tourism and explaining your countryas competitive advantage

3. Researching any marketing activities and marketing segmentation by gender, race, age and other segmentation marketing provided by the country

4. Giving some solutions to the current problems facing in Mexcio”

5. Conclusion

I will also attach the file how to do this assignment.

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