Marketing Business Plan for GlassInfinity

Within the course we were asked to come up with an innovative product, and write an e-marketing business plan about this product. We had to come up with objectives and implement these objectives with e-marketing strategies. The objectives I chose were:

1: Increase Online Sales
2: Increase Social Media Awareness
3: Increase Online Advertising Reach

(The objectives are supposed to me on a chart for 5 years) An attachment will be included to show how it should be done. Units should be attached within the the chart showing how we will reach each objective within 5 years through those e-marketing strategies.

The product that I have chosen is very similar to the Google Project Glass. However, I named it GlassInfinity.

This a video link of the Google Project Glass product to make things clear enough.

After explaining each e-marketing strategy plan we are supposed to to write about how innovative and differentiated our marketing strategies are. This part is very important.

Referencing Requirements:
No fixed number of references are required. But I do need journal references that prove that the strategies are in fact effective and innovative.