Marketing) Q) How ethical or unethical is the use of technology by marketers to gather information about customers?

Discuss how supermarkets such as tesco have loyalty cards and the amount of information that they can get from such a thing& people just think that loyalty cards just gives you discount or adds up point and they do not really realize that a loyalty card can give a lot of information about you to marketers. For example from the loyalty card marketers can see what type of food you like and do not like .how many people in the house, if u have any kids. Even if you have a dog& from this they can see what you do not buy so they start sending you great deals on the things you do not buy&

Another thing supermarkets wanted to install infrared cameras in their stores to study the moving habits of customer.

Also talk about how the Internet is used to great a massive database about customers and your information is then sold to or used by marketers& . many times you find free programs to download from the net but there is always strings to it such as write your email address and age and much more. And once you start to give information about you to these sites popes start coming up advertisement of many things& .

Some people say what does face book and such websites benefit& . they do not really know that these website benefits from selling your information to companies. It is true that they might give you name when they sell your information but companies do not really want you name they want to know your age female or male where you go. What you do you married or single. Facebook is one of the richest databases for marketers.

Here I gave only a few examples of the use of technology by marketer to gather information about customers& .use more examples

Do people really know all this////// then the essay has to be Argumentative is the use of technology by marketers in such a way ethical or unethical

Say ethical and why you think it is ok and nothing wrong with using such technology by marketers (use good points to argue the case)

Then say it is unethical and why it is unethical (use good points)

For Example: privacy reasons