Report Task

Using eMarketing frameworks and theories (as provided in the course textbook, the lecture, seminars, other textbooks and other academic sources), the team should analyse the eMarketing aspects of their organisation.

Please address at least the following questions:

” What is the organisation‟s eMarketing strategy?
” What eMarketing activities does the organisation undertake  assess the quality of these activities (do they fit with the strategy and are they executed well)?
” How do the organisation‟s eMarketing activities compare to those of their competitors?

You should aim to adjust your analysis to any peculiarities of your organisation.

Requirements and tips

Use theories and frameworks to structure your analysis.
Provide evidence, for example by using screenshots or references to the organisations internal publications (including their website) or external publications (newspaper and journal articles, Mintel reports, etc).
Make good use of the library and online search facilities to find as much information about the organisation as you can. Put links and references you find in your wiki. Make sure you distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources, and make sure you reference properly. Don‟t just copy from your sources, but use the material to create your own analysis.
Use appropriate referencing of your sources.
Appendices can be used to support your analysis (and reduce the word count).However, you need to make sure that everything that is essential for your analysis is actually in the body text, and that appendices are explicitly referred to in the body text (otherwise they don‟t count!).

The presentation should have 6-7 slides not more.
The presentation should bring out the key findings from the business background report.
The presentation (including the slides) is an integral part of the report and its marking.

Word count of report
800 words.


Clarity of explanation: how well does the overall presentation make sense?

Appropriateness and quality of analysis: are the ideas superficial and general, or deeper and more focussed on the business concerned?

Evidence of research. Are sources of information and ideas used and acknowledged?

Presentation and exposition (selling): the quality of the verbal delivery, visual aids and organisation in the presentation

The main recommended text for this module is:
Electronic Commerce 2008, International Edition Efraim Turban, Jae Kyu Lee, Dave King, Judy McKay and Peter Marshall
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Electronic Commerce 2008, International Edition Efraim Turban, Jae Kyu Lee, Dave King, Judy McKay and Peter Marshall