Marketing Report)write a marketing report in the role of the consultant to the Board of The Birmingham Library

The Brief
The assignment is based on a client/consultant scenario where you are asked to write a marketing report in the role of the consultant. The tutor may provide a list of organisations to choose from (based on a first come first served basis) or a single client may be provided for all students to work with or you may be asked to choose your own organisation subject to tutor approval.
Your Role
The client has asked you, as a marketing specialist, to write a marketing report. The client has asked you to undertake primary market research (details will be provided on moodle) and you will incorporate secondary sources of research as well.
Using your primary and secondary research, you must write a report and make recommendations that will focus on one key topic of marketing. The topic area is your choice but it must be from one of the session topics on the module (see the module schedule for list of topics).
The report should be split into the following sections (but not limited exclusively to):
a? Executive Summary
a? Introduction (incorporating a rationale for the report)
a? Situation Analysis (using appropriate primary and secondary research with a review of relevant theory)
a? Recommendations and key objectives
a? Action plan (incorporating a time line of activity and key responsibilities)
a? Controls
You must choose one key topic (the focus of your report) from the session topics covered in the module with agreement from the module tutor.
a? Max 3500 words (excludes references)
a? Presented report style
a? Submitted with name and student ID number as a footer on each page.
a? All research sources must be referenced using the Harvard referencing system
a? No appendices accept for primary data.

Marking Scheme (key criteria)
a? Application of relevant management theory, concepts 25%
and frameworks
a? Demonstration of primary and secondary research and critical analysis of a 40%
clientas situation related to the chosen topic
a? Proposing recommendations identifying objectives; 25%
detailed action plan linked to chosen recommendations and objectives
a? Style, presentation and structure including Harvard referencing 10%

Please see below for the detailed marking scheme.

Pass Mark
Students must attain a minimum of 50% to pass this assessment.

Note that excessive word counts will lead to marks deducted on a sliding scale in accordance with faculty policy.

MSc Marketing in Practice
(Main and Resit attempts) Student Name Student ID Tutor Name Tutor Signature Date
CRITERIA (Weighting) 70%+ 60-69% 50-59%
(min. 50% to attain a pass) Less than 50%
(fail) Weighted Mark
Application of relevant management theory, concepts
and frameworks (25%)
The report demonstrates a clear understanding of key concepts and frameworks from the literature within the chosen topic area which have been applied appropriately to the chosen organization. The work has a reasonably sound theoretical basis with most key concepts and frameworks identified and applied appropriately to the chosen organization. Significant gaps in theory apparent. The conceptual basis of the work is questionable. Very limited understanding of theory demonstrated, with little or no application. The work demonstrates a poor understanding of the theory. Lack of references to theory apparent. Key theory missing or only a highly descriptive account given.
Demonstration of primary and secondary research and critical analysis of a clientas situation related to the chosen topic (40%) Research evidence has been documented, described and critically examined from different perspectives in context of the organisation and theory to produce a rich analysis. There is a good level of critical analysis of the evidence that provides some unique insights into the clientas situation. Evidence is documented and analysed, albeit descriptive in places, is largely relevant and focused on the topic area. Some evidence of research and analysis is apparent but there are limited sources and/or lack relevance to the chosen topic area. Some of the evidence is generic or is presented in a fragmented way. The analysis does not logically flow from the evidence, and there is an assumptive style. The work suffers from significant lack of research, generic analysis or highly superficial analysis or a purely descriptive account of the evidence. The evidence is not focused around the chosen topic area.
Proposing and justifying recommendations; detailed action plan linked to chosen recommendations and objectives (25%)
All recommendations are presented convincingly. There are a number of different recommendations which are appropriate to the organization and clearly justified, linked to a detailed action plan of how the organisation will achieve the identified objectives and recommendations. Identified objectives that are a?SMARTa. There is a detailed action plan that follows logically from the objectives. The report has identified /proposed some recommendations, most are justified although some aspects are not convincing. The analysis supports identified objectives. Objectives are not completely a?SMARTa. There is an action plan that follows from the objectives which lacks some key details. Some of the recommendations are questionable on the basis of the evidence provided with only superficial objectives identified. The objectives are not SMART. The action plan is quite superficial, lacks key detail but has been attempted with some links to the objectives. Recommendations lack proper justifications or evidence to support them and the reader is left unconvinced as to their relevance. Objectives are vague or non-existent and not linked to or supported by the research (evidence) and analysis. The action plan is extremely vague or non-existent.
Style, presentation and structure including Harvard referencing (10%)

The work is professionally presented. There are no significant grammar, punctuation or spelling errors. The work is clearly structured, concise and interesting and uses the Harvard Referencing system correctly. Generally the work has been produced to a high standard although some grammar and spelling errors are apparent. Some references are missing but overall a good attempt has been made to use the Harvard Referencing system correctly. A clear structure is apparent. The work needed proof reading and a lack of structure is apparent. The reader is left confused as to the order of the work. Harvard referencing is used competently. The report is unprofessional with a lack of structure and numeroud proofing errors (grammar, spelling and punctuation). Large, un formatted paragraphs of text with no headings and sub/headings are typical.
1) Marketing Budget and accountability
2) New product Development
3)Selling and Sales management
4)Services and Service Development
5)Promotion and Public Relations
6) Electronic Marketing
7) Marketing and Customer Relationship Mangement
8) Social Marketing
9) business to business Marketing

The student is required to choose one of the specified marketing topic areas to prepare a report for the New Birmingham Library United Kingdom.
I.e Situation analysis (S)
Objectives (O)
Strategy (S)
Tactic (T)
Application (A)
I will advice we should go with Emarketing. THe target manrket which the birmingham library is trying to reach is from ages of between 18 25 yrs Old. Information from the Library client.
The librarys mission is too increase number of visitors from 1.25m 3m in the first year of opening the New library.
The new library is a A?188million pounds project.
I will attach audio notes from the clients brief about the library.