Marketing Term Paper) > Building Customer Loyalty Programs”

The paper should start with a literature search and be written around the following themes: why this topic is important to marketing managers today and what the marketing manager needs to know about this topic to brief a nonmarketing executive.
Sources: Students should consult at a minimum 10 sources, preferably a mix of both company and external sources and cite these sources in your paper. Personal sources, such as interviews are allowed, but need to be properly cited in the reference section. Do NOT use the firm web site as the only source of information. At least seven of the sources used should be from sources other than the firms web site. Also, do not use 1 source seven times to meet this requirement, but find instead 7 different sources. Relevant information may be found through library holdings, reference CD-ROMS, a variety of Internet sources, or personal interviews. When pursuing web pages for information, remember that many of these pages are produced by commercial firms as a form of promotion and publicity.
Format: Use double-spacing, 1 inch margins and left only justification. Set the font for Times Roman 12. You may have to reset your basic page set-up in your word processing program to these settings. Expected page length is from 10 (minimum) to 15 pages (maximum) of text. The cover page, tables of contents, reference page and other additional materials do not count as part of the expected length.
The cover page should contain the title of the paper, your name, and the course number. This should be the only page that has your name present. The cover does not count toward the pages required for the assignment. For formatting of references and citations within the paper, students should consult a style guide, such as the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (sometimes referred to as the APA Manual).