Marketing The internet has created a perfect market

Write a fully referenced essay using credible and appropriate sources that answers the following:

With reference to appropriate theory and practice critically analyse and evaluate the following statement:

The internet has created the perfect market

The essay should:

Address the question directly, Provide critical evaluation and analysis, use referenced theory from a variety of sources, not provide history of the internet, be written in essay format using harvard referencing, not exceed 2000 words.

Learning outcomes:

Understand and apply marketing concepts, theories and frameworks to the use of internet and other information and communication technologies in marketing.

Understand the nature of the internet and other information abd communication technologies and their application in marketing.

Critically appraise approaches to electronic marketing in case study scenarios.
Harvard referencing, use: Chaffey, D. mayer, R. Johnston, K. Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2006) Internet Marketing, 3rd Edition Pearson education, as main reference source.
ALSO, Birch, A. (2000) The age of E-Tail: conquering the new world of electronic shopping.
AND, Chaston, I. (2001) E-marketing Strategy. PLUS OTHERS