Matching Dell CASE Study Analysis Needed for MBA Strategy Subject

I require a CASE study analysis using the CASE method for the  Matching Dell Case Study on page 149 to 192 in the PDF document located at pdf. It is to be 1500 words (6 pages) CASE Method, Harvard Referencing with up to 10 references from the PDF document only (including connection with one of the assigned supplementary readings, refer to my comments below).

The CASE study analysis I want in the following format;

C/hallenge  (1 page, this is the overall comprehensive issue that needs to be solved, include any metrics, timing, who is being advised)

A/lternatives  (2.5 pages, this is 5 alternative ways the main issue can be solved including advantages and disadvantages)

S/olution  (1.5 pages, this is the chosen alternative with more details applying tools and frameworks from the attached PDF file)

E/xecution  (1 page, this is the action plan of steps to achieve the solution, for short, medium and long term, also any caveats for the solution that maybe encountered.)

The objectives of the case study analysis is to increase ability to implement the tools and frameworks introduced in the PDF file. In the write-up you must also make an effort to explicitly connect with one of the assigned supplementary readings in the PDF. The idea is not necessarily to quote the supplementary readings but to use them to increase the value of your work.

I require a writer with an MBA who has expertise in Management Strategy for this.