Maternal Filicide) Mothers who murder their children

Minimum 4-5 sources.

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Court Case on Mental Health Law


Each student will review a landmark United States Supreme Court or a significant State court case that applies mental health law. You are to include a detailed description of the case, including a description of the offense, trial proceedings, appeal process, and any written opinions. You will also need to discuss how the legal decision has influenced subsequent mental health law cases.

You may access the following databases to aid in your research, or use others, especially if you are looking up the state law that applies to your case:

i??Supreme Court Cases:


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i?? California Cases:

o coerced filicide and 5) purpose filicide in which the mother acted alone.

Prevent Maternal filicide, infanticide and neonaticide

Patterns nature of the crime of maternal filicide
Method of child homicide
Filicide characteristics
Insanity at the time of filicide and legal blameworthiness
Examples-of retaliatory filicide, altruistic filicide and detached mothers.

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A case I looked at was Andrea Yates, who kill drowned her 5 kids in Texas.