Mathematics?Hands on Determination of Confidence Interval of a population Mean

?Data will upload?
Experiment: In the organization you work, you are asked to determine the mean of a given population.
Last Name Begins with A B-D F-J K-M P-R S T-Y
Use Population No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Describe/write The Project in your own words for your boss to understandi??.
Keep it simple yet complete.
Presentation is important. Professional, yet simple. No plastic binders. No cover pages.

1.Objective: Describe the Population Mean you are finding.

2.Procedure: How you chose the sample. Random? Systematic sampling? Stratified sampling?
Briefly explain your calculations.

3.Conclusion: CI is : i??i?? to i??i??

4. Your Explanation/Comments:
a.Explain to your supervisor what the Conf Interval means i??..

b Check for your satisfaction. Find the acctual population mean using Megastat.
Does it fall within your Conf Interval? Yes? Why? No? Why Not?

b.In Module 3 we will see how this Conf Interval can be used to reject or not reject a Null Hypothesis.

Attachments: The following Attachments will be needed for your Term Paper.

1.Obtain a random sample from the population, use MegaStat
2.Show the sample values in a table.
3.Find the mean and std deviation for this sample, use MegaStat.
4.Calculate the 90% Confidence Interval of Population Mean by Hand and MegaStat