Mazon past, today and how they got there

Must use book Management Information Systems by James A O Brien and George M. Marakas, eighth edition if possible to answer the question below. Other books, articles and the Web may be used additionally if found scholarly. The questions at the end of the case study (provided in pdf format pages 1-9) must be answered. References to be used as well as others by the authors choice have been provided on doc format. Very rough answers have been included.

Must use this text: Management Information Systems 8th edition

ISBN: 0073511544
Author: James OBrien
McGraw-Hill, 2008

I have this in ebook form in ZNO format.

Research must include:
Where the company was then in the case study (2003), what happened to the other 1 billion dollars.

Where the company is now 2008?

Research how in real life did the company solve its problems, was it lying off people or upgrading or management restructure?

Include my solution to the problems which is to upgrade the software and hardware structure that includes a letter to management with these recommendations. Include chapter 12 (implementation) and 13 (security) in your solution.

The solution must comply with chapter 9 of the above text with emphases on how it complies with figure 9.4 and 9.14.

For implementation chapter 12 figure 12.26, choose one of the implementation methods and explain why you choose that.