Inc Financial Summary Analysis

1) (Apply Marketing techniques to:) create an interesting, unique or otherwise attractive catch line (humor works great for me!)
2) Make a recommendation (can be here AND in your subject line) (some of you may not feel you have enough Experiencewhere your opinion (i.e., recommendation) is Worth something in this world”….however note, you may have more experience NOW than some analysts at major investment banking houses! (scary I know!))
3)(Use Inc. corporate report for fiscal year ending 2011 to:) provide certain and specific quantitative analysis of the company.
4) (Use some economics learned….predict macro and micro Futures”)…..provide sensitivities for world events on your corporation and how it will effect that companys future activities.
Use Bikini method”…..cover the subject but keep it short enough to remain interesting. I have proved Prosehere; I would prefer you to have bullet points…short sweet, facts or opinions….. (apply what your company does…for example if working capital is important discuss that…if Research and Development; interest rates (macro)……)

Here is a Made up example”….company DISNEY…..Please NOTE: what I provide here is about 1/3 (in volume) of what I expect your original post should be!
SUBJECT LINE: BUY The Mouse; Disney is not a Mickey Mouse Operation
Disney is a Buyrecommendation at this time due to its diverse revenue base and cost control structures.
Disneys 2011 financial statements shows revenues up 3% to $5.9 billion; however, net income was up 5% to 1.2 billion indicating cost cutting measures in 08 and 09 have taken hold. Various divisions showed mixed results: Park revenue was down but video rental and ad sales for TV was up.
Disney is well suited in the future due to its broad spectrum of revenue sources. Travel and tourism is down which hurts Park Revenue; however, Disney can capitalize on Staycationsdue to its new release movies, ABC network……
A silver lining is that if economic conditions change, Disney Parks are some of the first things people think to celebrate long economic savings times.
(Macro and Micro issues; overview but some financial details as well!)