Mbiguity in Nathaniel Hawthornes Writings or Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthornes Writings

In addition to the Nathaniel Hawthorne material which is assigned for class discussion (My Kinsman, Major Malineaux,The Ministers Black Veil,and Young Goodman Brown”), READ 3 OTHER Hawthorne short stories. You may select material from the text that was not assigned or you may select other Hawthorne stories available in the library. Read the stories thoughtfully and analytically. Then construct a thesis which you will develop in your paper. You may discuss Hawthornes ambiguity in his fiction or his use of symbolism in his fiction. Please use quotations from the stories when you provide support for your thesis. The stories themselves are your primary sources. I ask that you have atleast two secondary sources, preferably critical essays from a respected literary critic about Hawthornes work. When you are selecting secondary sources avoid using MASTERPLOTS, as these volumes provide only surface literary criticism. Also I recommend that you avoid going straight to the internet to locate critical sources, for these sources have not been screened. Your best bet for reliable secondary sources are material available on the librarys various databases and chapters and/or critical articles appearing in books the library has available. Follow MLA guidelines for parenthetical documentation.
While I hesitate to suggest a rigid word lentgh for this paper, I am willing to suggest 1000-1500 words. A MLA Works Cited page should also be supplied. This page should list separately each Hawthorne story and each secondary source from which you quote or paraphrase (it is not necessary that you quote or paraphrase each Hawthorne story that you read). Please include with your paper copies of your secondary critical sources. Portions that you use should be HIGHLIGHTED. Above are the exact instructions given to me by my professor, and she does use those Plagiarism programs that scan for copied work. Can you insure that she will not find that this is plagiarized?
Also I put the number of required sources as 7. This is including, My Kinsman Major Malineaux, Young Goodman Brown, The Minister s Black Veil, and the 3 other Hawthorne works of your choosing, plus two secondary critical essay sources. Not all 6 stories must be cited. Only those used to support the thesis and the two secondary sources.