Mbulance case cards (paramedic) and essay

i wrote an ambulance case cards but i have some notes i hope a good writer change it
Also, i have a good essay but i need 500 words

Part 1
* Cards assess any medical patient (in general).
* Assess neurological
*Assess abdominal add percussion and auscultation to or other parts if necessary.
*Assess neck: inspection and palpation are enough because the details for what you inspect or palpate should be listed in the part 2 . for example: JVD should be inspected in part 2
*Family history
*social history
*Delete C. Trauma patient

Part 2

*as a paramedic we cannot make sure if the patient has pancreatitis or not. So We deal with patient as Abdominal Pain patient
*Do not record actual finding like name, resp 22, pulse 92 a¦etc. but clarify the area of investigation (subheading which clarify what you inspect, palpate, auscultatea¦) . For example ((inspection for neck in part 1 ) in part 2 the subheading of inspection is
-Diaphoresis, pale skin? a¦.etc.
Another example: when you ssess HR: write what you looking for sush as rythem, weaka¦etc
please apply this way on each parts of part2 which relate to Abdominal pain

Part 3
Part 3 is very important
The current words are 1280 please add 500 words to an essay. The total should be 1800 words.
Please make sure if all recourses are Peer review journal article as I requested before