Mbulatory Surgery Center -Return on Investment

Review the article identified below.
Oi??Neill, A. Return on Investment on Electronic Health Records. Available at: Return+on+Investment+on+Electronic+Health+Records

Evaluate the list of items that the author postulated would be included in a cost-benefit analysis for an ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

Identify any additions or deletions that seem suitable.

Discuss whether the i??Returnsi?? are truly monetary cost savings or not.

If there are 15 physicians at the ASC and the EHR software costs $25,000 per provider plus an estimated one-time $10,000 cost for implementation and 18% annual maintenance fee after the first year, estimate the ROI at the end of five years if the only monetary benefit was that each physician earned the full amount of the federal meaningful use incentive within five years of acquiring the EHR.

What other monetary benefits have they anticipated that could be counted to improve the cost-benefit outlook?

What benefits does the Medical Group Management Association study show could aid these providers?

Please answer all the questions.

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