Meadas Coming of Age in Samoa is often read as an attempt to popularize anthropology, but to what extent did it also extend and develop it?

I want essay to include a strong analysis of how Meads work extended work of Franz Boas plus to be contrasted and compared to the work of

Ruth Benedict.

Please use most of the following sources plus some more:

1. Mead, Margaret, Coming of Age in Samoa: A Study of Adolescence and Sex in Primitive Societies. Penguin, [1928] 1943. [Prefaces, Chapters I, II, VII, X, XIII and Appendix II (on methodology) in particular]

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3. Mitchell, William E., a?Communicating Culture: Margaret Mead and the Practice of Popular Anthropologya? in Jeremy MacClancy and Chris McDonaugh, eds., Popularizing Anthropology. Routledge, 1996, pp. 122-134. [Course Pack]

Background Readings:

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Thanks :)