Mearican Pop Cultures and Politics from 1940 to Present ( short questions)

Dear writer

I am so happy to work with you. I uploaded instruction file and this is for first part of final exam. This is first part of final exam and most of questions are defining term and explaining little more as mentioned on questions. Basically I really want you to revise the sentences (almost change in different way because these are notetaking from my classmates) and grammar check. Secondly, please write more on each following question after define question. For example, in Q2 “2. Define i??formal politicsi?? and i??cultural politics,i?? and [discuss how they play out in TWO of the following three historical periods: (1) 1940s-1950s; (2) 1960s-1970s; (3) 1980s-Present.]”. Please answer on [ ] part.

I wrote the definitions on each question except Q14. Please answer for Q14 too. Q1 and Q15 need book that I covered in the class so you cant answer on following question. Just revise then.

I think I have to pay more for this order because you write more. But I dont know how to choose overlapping type of work. Please let me know how to pay more for you. Thank you so much and if possible please finish for me asap. Thank you again.

If you have any question on this, please let me know. And you dont need to exceed 200 words on each question.