MEDIA ) Does the media, both print and broadcast, report fairly? Does it ever cross the line between reporting the news and creating the news.

***The introduction must follow this pattern otherwise my teacher will give me a big fat zero.

The introduction must include these things:
1Interduce the topic.

2Attention getter (Hook).

3Back ground, some facts, definitions of important key words.


5Thesis statement, which is Although many people believe that media usually gives us accurate information, I think that the media gives deceptive information because media companies want to publicized themselves, get more income and to break the relations between countries “. ** You can change the reasons if you dont like them.

6The research must be argumentative research.

7I need the outline paper ASAP before you get to the research papers if you can please because my teacher wants it tomorrow. I will appreciate if you finish the outline today.

8The introduction must has one source.

The sources should be including websites you can use any websites except the once end with .com justAlso you can use books, articles, journals and news papers. Moreover, the maximum two books. It dose not matter if you use the article many times.