Mended Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Discussion Board
Review the materials provided below and post your response to the following:
a) Pros and Cons of the Amended Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, b) What are the major concerns influencing public opinion of the new law, c) What is the possible impact the ACOs will have on health care practices in America.

Health Care Reform Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
medicaid-and-health-reform/player.html (timeline)

Public Opinion of Health Care Reform Act 8127.cfm
Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

This is a discussion topic so a brief response to each question (a, b, c) will work. If you find a good article pertaining to the topic, then you can reference/post it for me to share with my group.If not, a discussion of the above (a,b,c questions will be fine). You dont have to view all the sources provided. I just posted the assignment exactly as it was written. Thank you.