Mergency and Disaster Management: Emergency Medical Services-Paramedics

Article critique:

Find an article that is germane to this course (Emergency and Disaster Management) in a periodical or newspaper. Here are the guidelines:

Choose a quantitative research article appropriate for this course. That is, it should be published in a research journal and should deal with an emergency & disaster problem. (I want you to look for one on Emergency Medical Services especially on Paramedics). You are to identify and critique each of the following elements in the article. This assignment should be formatted properly, and have a copy of the quantitative research you selected attached to your paper.

What was the title of the article? Was it straightforward and easy to understand? If not, did it turn out that the terms were selected for the sake of more precise communication or jargon. Did the first part of the title specify the general topic and the second part specify the variables? (By the way, if you refer to material in the text or any other source you will need to reference it and include the source citation at the end of the article.)

Did the abstract concisely report the purpose, importance, methodologies, and key findings or contributions?

Identify the research questions and/or hypotheses, typing/word processing them in boldface before the discussion of each.

How did the researchers  operationally define each key concept or variable. Did the operational definitions make sense to you, were the specific and measurable? Identify the Dependent and Independent Variables for each hypothesis. Were they one-tailed or two-tailed hypotheses; why? Did they seem reasonable?

Identify the quantitative measures used, and explain whether each is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio. Identify the methods of measurement that were used. Were these appropriate, given the guidelines covered in your text and in class?

What is your overall impression of the research article you selected? Would you grade it A, A-, B+, B, or lower? (Hint  if you selected a quantitative research article that you cannot even give a  B to you did not put enough effort into selecting it in the first place.)

Here you will list the sources you referenced in your review of this article. This will include the article (even though you listed it at the top of the first page), one or more of the textbooks for this course, and other works you may have cited.