Mergency and Disaster Preparedness in Hajj: Understanding heath care provider functioning in emergency department during mass gathering (Hajj)

Dear Writer

I am PhD student. I just started now. I need to submit a PhD proposal to my university then if the committee accepted this proposal then i will start my PhD thesis with you ( more than 300 pages full dissertation).
Now i want to submit for you (3 pages) to see if you can help me or not. if you provide me with excellent 3 pages then i will extend the research proposal to minimum (10 pages). after that certainly i will submit for you work for full dissertation 300 pages.

The Research proposal structure is ;( introduction Literature reviewAims and Objectives Research questionssignificance –
Methodology which contain 1Design 2data analysis 3setting 4sample 5data collection 6data analysis.)

However, on the first 3 pages, I just need from you the Aims and objectives and what is the tools (Questionnaire) or ways that will be used to do or achieve the goals. I have already 3 tools i will send them to you later ( 1Emergency Preparedness information Questionnaire
2Team Emergency assessment measure.
3Face to Face interview).

I will attache them to you later and will give you more details.
I may need your help to find out how we can use the 2 tools and how we can make connection between them in this study.

Hajj: is the biggest mass gathering in the world about 4 million from all around the word perform this relegious activity . It is in Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims from all around the world travel to Saudi every year to perform this. 4 million gathered in small specific area in the same time and move together in same time. (Please Google Hajj and you will know every thing)

I want to focus about the staff who work in emergency department during this event. i want to assess their knowledge and familiarity bout Emergency Preparedness and I want to understand how the Emergency team function in this huge event.

Now for the 3 pages I just need ; Aims and Objective and how we can achieve them. then i will forward this Aims and Objectives to my University advisor, If he is happy then will continue for the other parts with minimum 10 pages.

I will send ( Proposal writing Guide and Proposals examples and Articles and tools later on) this will help you.

Hope to work together for Big project


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Dear writer
Hope you are fine.

I hope to work with you for my full project 150 pages more. I just put 3 pages to see how we will go with aims and objectives first.

I am PhD student (Public health). in Australia. I am working now to develop my PhD proposal. I am still trying to finalize my Aims + Objectives. and The Tools which will be used to achieve my Aims.
At this stage I need your help to suggest for me your (Aims and Objectives). I have did my own Aims and objectives (File attached) but mt Advisor is not happy and told me that this is not enough for a PhD Level. I also find 2 Tools which i will use in my study but still I need to add one More tool to the existing tools.
My advisor want me to add one more tool about (Team Building or formation or any think can make the level of study up)

My proposal is about ( Emergency Preparedness in Hajj). Hajj is The biggest mass gathering in the world.
I want to discuss How the Emergency department staff work during this Mass gathering( What is the staff level of knowledge How the staff work together as a teamHow is Emergency department staff Dynamics How Conduct base line assessment of the Emergency dep staff………etc) This is my thinking and I need your suggested Aims and plan. Any suggested plan will be helpful. I need your recommendations

I have master degree of Pre-medicine (emergency service). thats why i am focusing about the Emeregency Preparedness and Management side in Mass gathering (Hajj).

The Tools I have found for the study are:
1Emergency Preparedness Information Questionnaire ( Dear writer, Please access it online because i could not save it from the website)
This tool will assess the Level of Emergency department staff Knowledge and Familiarity of Em Preparedness.

2-Team Emergency assessment Measure tool. ( I attached this for you) and I also attached the tool Brochure to help you understand the what is the tool.

This tools assess the Emergency department staff team as team. it is Observational tool.

I need you please to look to these tools and from their write the aims and objectives of the study. DO what ever you think is good.

I need your kind cooperation to find another third tool which can be combined with the existing tools.

First part:
I need you to do the aims and objectives base on the TOOLS and Literature review.

second part;
I need you to write the Literature review. I did my own Literature review 4 pages but I need you to add another 2 to 3 pages I will add more (2 pages in the order )or even more as you want or advice. the Literature which I did is about the Mass gathering (Hajj) only only. I did not discuss the Emergency Preparedness in mass gathering hajj and I did not discuss the EM team and staff preparedness (Training and knowledge). So i need you to add this points to my existing Literature review ( Attached). and please try to combine them together so no one can feel that the Literature done by 2 persons.
( I will send you all articles for this (Hajj articles Emergency preparedness articles Team articles ). this will save your time.

The Literature review should cover the study aims and objectives and general information about the study. I will add more 2 pages to the order

Attached files are ; 1 ( AIMS ) 2(Literature review) 3Team Tool and Brochure 4tool 2 is online please access it from google( Emergency preparedness information tool).

I will send all articles as soon as you response to this message.

Your quick response is highly appreciated.