Mergency assignment for the subject Entrepreneur”. Writer MUST be ON TIME.

Hi, (this is an emergency order)
(writer please FIRST confirm with me that he/she has read the uploaded file Writer please read FIRST.doc”).
The first thing the writer needs to know is NO DELAY. Please do NOT even negotiate with me for time extension. I do NOT have more time left. The time of the deadline is the time that Ill have to print the assignment out and hand it in.
This assignment is for the subject Entrepreneur”.
This assignment needs the writer to use lots of DETAILED examples and data to compare and analysis. Do NOT just pile up lots of theories and do NOT make the papers looks like a big literature review.
Ive uploaded 2 files:
Writer please read FIRST.doc”, very important file.
Topic Questions and Requirements.doc”, it contains detailed Topic Questions and Requirements, please read it through very carefully and make sure that the work will fulfill those requirements and follow the structure.
Thanks very much for help.
Best Regards,