Mergency evacuation plan and clean up commitment for a city

Pleases check the attachments to make the process easy and smooth. In the attachments you will find instructions which explain what to do and what to cover. In addition, there will be an article to read to get you ready and make you familiar with the content. I will provide you with the page numbers that you need to look at, so no need to waste your time reading the rest of the article. Also, there is an example that was done by another student which will help you to see how the paper should be done.

In the first attachment youll find the instruction and information about the homework. Please Please Please pay attention to what you need to focus on. There are two parts that I want you to read an work on. My paper is all about those two parts. In the second attachment youll find an article and I want you to check two parts of the whole article just two parts which are ( Planning element C: Emergency assistance telephone roster) Page # 46 -47. The second part is (Planning element E: Techniques for spill containment and clean up )Page # 57-58-59 * the top part of 59.

Now the third attachment is about an example that is already done by former student. When reading his paper please check the part B and D. Part B is about emergency assistance telephone roster Page # 28. The part D is about Containment and clean up page # 58 to page #62.

You are not allowed to use sources. The whole paper should be on your own words. However, you will have to understand the parts I mentioned above in order to get the paper done perfectly.