Mergency Response to Nuclear Disasters & Incidents

in this dissertation i should focus on the principles of responding to a nuclear incident or disaster by the Emergency Team or the Blue lights. also how they best respond to that incident and what they should consider while responding. if they going to inform the people live nearby that reactor, how they gonna do it. do they have some sort of communication system with them. i have also to focus on different areas or countries, for example; taking the American way of the response is not enough, i have to look for the English one and the French, the French Response system is more important, because 75% for their electricity power generated by Nuclear Power. I also wanna look how new Nuclear Program Developing countries ,like United Arab Emirates, gonna deal with this issue.

Ill upload a literature review and Research Methodology i wrote earlier but you should rewrite it again. i dont want to write the same ones. that means same or similar ideas but different writing