Mergency Room Crowding: An Integrated Literature Review

This is an integrated Literature Review about Emergency Room crowding and the process of boarding causing the emergency room wait times to increase. I am supposed to focus on the process of Boardingor holding patients in the Emergency room but I was unable to find enough literature to support it. I am having difficulty integrating the literature as well. My writing skills are not the best either as you can see. The paper is to include an Introduction or (background), a problem and purpose, a conceptual framework, a conceptual framework map which I did and doesnt need to be changed, a description of the map which needs some work, Proposition statements, a variable table which needs to be redone because I just didnt understand it, definitions which are fine and doesnt need changing and a conclusion. If you need to find articles and change things thats ok too. Thank you to whoever in advance for helping me with this!!!!