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Unit II Homework Assignment

Media Release
As the course continues to unfold, it presents a glimpse into different disaster types. After reading the lesson on fire and the case studies in the textbook, it is apparent that fire causes a disaster threat to communities. Knowing the background for fire disasters and the potential responses that usually go along with them, the media plays a crucial role in distribution of information to the public about the imminent threat, evacuation, and shelter locations.

For this assignment, assume that you are the mayor of a town where a wildland fire is posing an imminent threat to the community. Prepare a speech for a press conference to the media, regarding the danger to the public, property, pets, and livestock.
Include the following criteria in the speech:
i?? Open with an introduction paragraph about the origin and status of the wildfire in relation to the community, including the threat level/assessment.
i?? Identify the actions presented in the Wildland Fire Protection Plan to protect the community.
i?? Identify the projected duration for the event.
i?? Identify the location of emergency operation center.
i?? Identify the current and projected population or regions, special populations, and pertinent property that maybe affected by the fire.
i?? Present an evacuation plan that identifies public transportation and pick-up locations for citizens without private transportation.
i?? Identify the location of the community information center and contact information.
i?? List assistance provided by the Red Cross and churches.
i?? Identify modes of communication where citizens can obtain current information and instructions.
i?? In a closing paragraph, list any specific instructions for the community to take action (e.g., pets, livestock, evacuation routes, shelters).

The information within the speech should provide direction for the community and confidence that the action plan, community leaders, first response departments and agencies, and resources are working to protect the community.

Note: The information should be presented clearly and concisely for the residents and media to understand and take action.

Your APA-formatted paper should be a minimum of two pages (not including the title and references pages). You must use at least one scholarly source other than your textbook to complete this assignment.

Valcik, N. A., & Tracy, P. E. (2013). Case studies in disaster response and emergency management. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.