Mergency Services Management Studies in Natural Catastrophes and Man-Made Disasters Unit IV

Unit IV

Review Chapter 4 of the course textbook and research information regarding the impacts of flooding in the United States. Additional research information is available via the Internet, Google Scholar, and the CSU Online Library.

The Required Reading for this unit includes five websites about the Great Flood of 1913 that occurred in Dayton, Ohio. Analyze the information and respond to the following questions in a three-page APA-formatted essay (page count does not include the title and references pages).

1. Analyze the contributing factors that caused the major flood.
2. Discuss the response and recovery process for the flood.
3. Identify the collaborative efforts to respond to the flood.
4. Analyze and discuss the positive outcome to the flood (e.g., MCD Act, the participants, funding, construction).

Course Textbook
Valcik, N. A., & Tracy, P. E. (2013). Case studies in disaster response and emergency management. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.