Mergency Services Management Studies in Natural Catastrophes and Man-Made Disasters Unit V

Unit V

Review Chapter 5 of the course textbook and research information regarding the impacts of tornadoes on the United States. Additional research information is available via the Internet, Google Scholar, and the CSU Online Library.

Compare the preparedness and response phases of Hurricane Katrina of 2005 to those of the Joplin, Missouri, Tornado of 2011. Present your comparison of these case studies in a four-page APA-formatted paper (page count does not include title and references pages). A minimum of three references are required in addition to the textbook. Include the following information in your analysis of these case studies:

1. Compare and contrast the interaction between the federal government and the private sector during the response and recovery phases of Hurricane Katrina of 2005 and the Joplin, Missouri Tornado of 2011.
2. In your analysis of these disasters, identify and discuss why the response and recovery efforts were successful after the Joplin, Missouri Tornado in comparison to Hurricane Katrina.