I am interested in have the below paper edited. It is full of grammatical problems, structural issues, problems with the text flow, typos and misprints, overall coherence of any written assignment.

Here is my current written paper that needs editing:
also in this zip is an inspiration document that is closest to what i want my paper to be.

See below for my outline of the most pressing content of this paper that should focus on.



With so much attention being paid to greenhouse gas-related emissions and imminent fuel supply limits, energy has become a pressing topic of concern. Predictions of global peak oil (the midway point of oil depletion, beyond which oil more difficult to extract and thus, more expensive) inspire both the search for alternative fuel sources as well as the conversation of energy in all of its uses. I predict, and thus is the subject of my paper, that not only will commercial construction have to adapt over the next 10-20 years, but so will the materials that we use, and the processes that we use to create them.

The main ideas of this paper will be:

1) Predictions of future energy delivery models indicate a profound transformation from central, long distance-based service models to highly distributed, community-based frameworks as one idea.

2) Energy concerns not limited to just fuel and building operation; the power required during material manufacture and processing will also be examined.

3) How conservation represented by the optimization of material properties in terms of structural performance, largely be possible by shaping a material so that it may support maximum loads over the longest spans.

4) Biomimcry, which takes cues from natural models for optimal formal, structural, or other performance based outcomes.

5) Smart interface technologies that will augment building surfaces and products with distrusted sensors that actively measure contextual environmental data.


The goal of this paper is to expand on interconnected future of commercial construction and energy as it affects material use, sourcing, design and processes.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the intent of this paper!

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