Merging Capital Markets and Globalization

a?You will use 5 Readings, the 4 required reading and any 1 additional readings. The journal should summarize the central themes/topics in each reading, outline theoretical frameworks presented, record your impressions of the reading, and list 3 questions that each reading raises.
a?All written assignments will be double-spaced and 1 inch margin.
a?Your papers should not exceed 2 pages with 2 corrsponding questions (per reading) that each reading raises
a?MS Word 12 or similar size font, and Times New Roman or Ariel font style. Footnotes or end notes are required as well as a current bibliography is strongly recommended.

Maximum credit for each review will be based on the following criteria:
a?All module topics are addressed and 2 relevant questions are created for each reading.
a?Information clearly relates to the main topic. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.
a?Your opinion and knowledge on the topic are welcome
a?Each review should be properly citeda ¦Author, title, source and pages
a ¦Footnotes from the readings and outside sources are also welcome

Specifically you are expected to convey what the reading all about. What are the main points of the reading? Your reading should have a hypothesis and evidence supporting your conclusion. And finally state what you have learned from the readings.

Your Instructor will review each weekas assignment and give comments on your work and how you can improve on the coming weekas assignments. Please review your instructoras notes and apply the notes given to future assignments.