Merging Disciplinary Literature Review, Part 1

The assignment:
a?Submit a 1to 2-page initial literature review that incorporates:

a ¦Two new sources for your literature review.

a ¦An analysis of the two new sources that demonstrates how each source represents theories and methods relevant to the Course Theme and/or Research Topic.

a ¦Proper in-text citations and a reference list in proper APA format of the two sources.

From this articles:

Boyer, P. J. (1986). TV turns to the hard-boiled male. Retrieved from tv-turns-to-the-hard-boiled-male.html?pagewantedall
Carter, B. (1991). Childrenas TV, where boys are king. Retrieved from children-s-tv-where-boys-are-king.html?pagewantedall&srcpm