Merging Global spa trends in luxury hotels and resorts .

Research Methods for Business

Please write on MARKETING Topic
Global Spa trends in luxury hotels and resorts around the world.

details –

spa goers behaviour in hotel booking desicions , impact on the hotels and resorts , spa products providing local treatments and related products(luxury)…..segmentation, marketing strategy , consumer behaviour , consumer satisfaction , conusmer loyalty and corporate image .

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a? To allow students to demonstrate critical abilities in evaluating a research project, taking account of the nature of the research, identifying relevant issues and evaluating decisions taken by authors of research papers.
a? To engage critically with qualitative and quantitative research paradigms, develop inductive and deductive skills, literature-search and evaluative skills using research published in reputable journals and which involves theory, a recognisable research design and primary data.


Students choose two published research papers (see Suitable research papers for this assessment below) relating to their studies.
One paper should be based on a quantitative methodology; the other on a qualitative methodology. The two papers should deal with a similar topic.

Very Important !!!!!!! ( the real coursework details )

Students are to evaluate the research papers critically, taking into account:

1) the research question(s) that are being addressed;
2) research design,
3) literature review and
4) methodological issues relevant to each paper;
5) the authorsa argument for their chosen methodological approaches,
6) including data gathering and sampling;
7) the analysis undertaken by the authors of gathered data; and
8) how this provides material for the authorsa discussions and conclusions.

Suitable research papers for this assessment

Students should restrict their attention to research journals sponsored by learned professional societies or published by reputable publishers. Additionally:
(1) The editorial board of each journal should have a heavy preponderance of appointees who are in academic posts. (You can check this by visiting the websites for journals. A working definition of a?heavy preponderancea is a?more than three quartersa.)
(2) Each paper selected must include theory and have a recognisable research design, use primary data and provide social-scientific analysis of data.
(3) You alone are responsible for selecting the articles. You will not receive approval of the papers chosen from any staff member involved in the MBA. Choices which do not meet the criteria in Points (1) and (2) will detract from your final mark. In this connection, note that Point (1) means business magazines are not acceptable as sources of material. Point (2) ensures the authors of the papers are engaging in social-science research that is appropriate to the assessment.


This assessment is a critical academic study, structured under the following headings:
1. Critical review of the translation of research questions posed in two papers into research designs, including the appropriateness of the designs for the types of questions posed.
2. Critical evaluations of measurement issues and authorsa evaluations of validity, authenticity and reliability in the two papers in formulating data-gathering methods.
3. Critical evaluation of how data was intended to be and actually gathered in each paper. NB. The decisions taken on the sample of data to be gathered is dealt with in the Point 4; and ethical issues are assessed in Point 5. Thus this point is about the suitability of decisions taken on how to gather data (by survey, interview, telephone, electronicallya¦) and from which population.
4. Critical assessments of the authorsa approaches to sampling.
5. Critical review and evaluation of reporting of ethical issues, consideration of them ahead of actual data gathering and how in practice this was handled.
6. Critical evaluation of the analyses of data in the papers, how the analysis was used to provide answers to research questions and how these set up discussion of contributions to knowledge and suggestions for further research.
7. Presentation of a synthesised view from the student of the relative merits of the authorsa designs, methods, their execution and fitness for purpose.

Each part must be presented in essay format, using appropriate protocols. It must be word processed with full use of Harvard in-text citations and an end-list of references. Please refer to Write and Cite in the folder entitled Resources you will need for this Module.

Weighting: 100 per cent coursework

Word limit: 2000 words

Please give as many references as possible just make sure it is included in the paper. ( 18 plus approximately)

250 to 300 per page

Not more than 2200 words in total

Please also frame the Index for me