Merging Information Communication Technologies (ICT)a?

my topic about my presentation is Emerging Information Communication Technologies (ICT)a? and their are specific items that need to be specified, and i dont know what you guys mean by the number of pages… but all i do know is that i need a slide show presentation that will last for 5-7 minutes. i will also send you an attachment of the marking criteria and the subject and how it should be discussed.
2. In the context of IT, you are to research the topic of a?Emerging Information Communication Technologies (ICT)a?. There are many new tools and devices emerging in the communication area. These tools and devices have opened up the world of knowledge sharing. Your research should focus on your allocated area (a, b, or c) and research two different tools or devices of Emerging ICT used by each, including the educational uses and benefits of each.
and my focus should be about Social Media (2 different tools or devices)
i. Introduce your topic and focus area by defining and explaining to the audience an overview of your presentation.
ii. Individually for each of the 2 types in your focus area, develop a discussion, giving examples and explaining the educational uses and benefits of the two (2) different tools or devices used.
iii. Conclude your presentation. This is a summary of your key concepts and the main ideas of your presentation. Do not introduce any new material in the conclusion.
and the sources must be from 2010 and above please. and can you please only speak about devices and not tools.