Merging Issues in Marketting Manager and Research

Answer the following questions. Your answer should be supported with academic journals and marketing theories. Exploratory research findings enhance presentation of your answer.

a) While consumers express their environmental concerns in individual ways, all green consumers appear to be motivated by universal needs. These needs translated into new purchasing strategies with profound implications for the way products are developed and marketed.
i) Identify green consumer psychology and buying strategies. (8 Marks)
ii) Discuss the five challenges of green marketing (5 Marks)

b) Social responsibility has become a focus for organization as the new marketing strategy. Choose a suitable organization to write a case study on a?social responsibilitya? is applied in their branding, public relation and marketing strategies. (27 Marks)
Use the following case structure to guild the case
i) Opening paragraph
ii) Company background (competitive environment, industries environment, history)
iii) Specific area of interest / department
iv) Specific problem or decision
v) Alternatives
vi) Conclusion (decision-point)
I will provide more information to the context and format information to the writter