Merging patient Driven healthcare Models

Thesis statement: The purpose of this paper is to examine the value of patient driven healthcare and the impact on improving traditional healthcare and new service delivery models.

Scope of paper…I will sent my literary review in order tracking area.
At the end of Module 7, you will submit your final paper. Your final paper must include the following elements.

1. Revise your literature review based on any instructor feedback. Then add the following information.
2. What are your recommendations for addressing this critical issue? Justify why you are choosing these
recommendations. (Note: this must come mainly from your literature review, though anecdotal
evidence and practice experience may also be incorporated).
3. What barriers do you envision and how do you propose to overcome them?
4. As a health care manager, which health care professionals will buy in to your recommendations and who
may resist? How will you encourage buy-in?
5. Provide a conclusion to tie your two assignments into one cohesive paper.
Your final paper should be 5-7 pages long, double-spaced, with all references cited using APA 6 formatting. You must reference course readings, as well as outside sources as stipulated in the literature review. Your work should be scholarly and critically thought out. Be sure your final paper includes an introduction to the issue, with any necessary descriptions and definitions, and a conclusion summarizing the most important points of your paper.