Merging Themes Project: The Toys and Games Industry

Dear Writer

1/ I have Chosen: Social Media Marketing as Topic for my project. (1750 Words)
2/ I have Chosen Report as format for my project.
3/ Personal reflection (250 Words)
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Referencing Requirements:
The References Must be mix of academic journal articles, textbooks, current news articles, organisational documents, and websites

Merging Themes Project: The Toys and Games Industry

Your tasks for this assignment are to;
1) produce a project which recommends an appropriate strategic response for the toys and games industry to one of the emerging themes discussed in the course, and
2) produce a short personal reflection on your experiences in producing your project.

Possible formats might include a report, proposal, planning document, project plan, PowerPoint presentation/pitch, web based portfolio or primary research project.

You should select one of the issues listed below as the theme for your project.

Sustainable Marketing/ Green marketing
Social Marketing
Data Driven Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing
Viral Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Ambush Marketing
Guerrilla marketing
Complexity in management
Innovation and/or New product development

PART 1 Project

Your project should:

Demonstrate a critical understanding of the issue you have chosen, with evidence of wide reading (appropriately referenced) of a range of credible sources.
Demonstrate your understanding of the toys and games industry, with evidence of research (appropriately referenced) from a range of credible sources.
Provide a critical evaluation of the impact (and/or potential impact) of the theme(s) on the industry/sector in question.
Provide a recommended strategic response to the issue justified with evidence from your research.

Additional marks will be awarded for the creativity and professionalism of your projectas presentation and the quality of your research and referencing.

Your project should include a list of references formatted in Harvard/APA style and all sources should be accurately referenced throughout.

There is considerable flexibility in the format of this assessment. Students may submit materials in a range of formats, and are encouraged to combine formats creatively. However, it is crucial that students focus on completing the tasks described in the task section above and on meeting the learning outcome for this assessment.

Examples of some of the formats that might be used for this project are:

Planning document/project plan
PowerPoint Presentation/pitch
Web-based portfolio
Primary research project

Part 2 Personal reflection

In addition to the main project work, students should submit a personal reflection detailing their experience of working on this project, how they managed their learning and evaluating their own performance.

Your personal reflection (approx. 250 words) should describe your approach to the project, evaluate your own performance, and consider what you have learned and/or what you might do differently in undertaking

Approximately 2000 words (+/10%) or equivalent for other formats. Please note this is a guide only a students are required to produce a project appropriate to the task and use their judgement on length and detail required in order to meet the requirements of the assignment.